About Us

Welcome to Nelly's Kitchen. My name is Matt Nelson and I am the chef and owner of Nelly's Kitchen. I spent most of my life in Southern NH and Northern Mass, which is why I think Haverhill is the perfect spot for me to open my first place.  I have 20 years experience working as a butcher and meat manager. Before that I worked as a cook at a few local seafood restaurants. Growing up Nelly became my nickname by my youth football coach and it stuck.  Hence the name Nelly's Kitchen. Owning a restaurant has been a lifelong dream for me. Food has always been an important part of my life. Growing up family dinners were a weekly occurrence. We showed our "love" with food. Food was a way to communicate and a way to get everyone together. I think that food is a great way to celebrate "important moments" in life. Food, like Family is important. I cook my dishes with fresh ingredients such as San Marzano tomatoes imported from Italy, fresh cuts of meat and my own ground in house beef. I strive to always make that "great dish" that makes people always wanting more. I want to provide meals that exceed your expectation while providing great values. Simple ingredients, fresh foods and great customer service is what I strive for. I'm happy to have a place in your community to call my home as well. I hope you'll take the time to come check us out!